D.J. Rain & Co. Ltd is committed to providing residential clients with a custom designed sprinkler system that is perfectly suited to their unique needs. Our design strategy includes a high quality, environmentally friendly irrigation system that can save up to 65% in water consumption, lower water bills, increase property value and easily save time and effort.

We guarantee quality workmanship, professional and efficient design and installation as well as ongoing maintenance and support services as needed.

D.J. Rain & Co .Ltd  use only the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art water efficient and environmentally friendly irrigation technology. We adhere to a trusted process which includes a system design and a price quote delivered to the client for approval. Once the client accepts the design and quote we forward the project to our construction department and a convenient schedule is created. On the agreed upon date of installation, D.J. Rain & Co.Ltd will arrive on the property and one of our Certified Irrigation Contrators (CIC) will review the layout of the sprinkler system. The installation crew proceeds with installation using up-to-date installation equipment and methods. Once the installation is complete our team will schedule an appointment to have one of our qualified sales staff conduct a walk through of your new system.

Trust us to help you keep your grass green and save you time, water and money.